3 Reasons To Say "Yes" To The Giant Toy This Christmas

3 Reasons To Say "Yes" To The Giant Toy This Christmas

Alison Gerber
Nov 19, 2013
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

ARGH! I know, right? Those things are crazy! And huge! And make noises! But before you crinkle your nose as Grandma begins to say "what if I was to get a…", have you considered the following?

1. Will it offer you hands-free time? Play mats, jumpers, walkers and ride-on toys really do occupy little ones for long periods of time. I was amazed how long our son would play in his jumper - long enough for me to prep dinner without him tugging at my legs and wanting to be picked up and held. That in itself was worth giving up the space in our apartment.

2. Do you know it will be loved? Has your son or daughter played on something similar at a friend's place? If you know they'll love it, why not go for it? Even though most of the time things are filtered through my "taste machine", I do find there is nothing quite so satisfying in the world as getting something as a gift for my little ones that they will love, that has absolutely nothing to do with my own style. And, of course, I can't resist those smiling faces!

3. And after all, it won't last long. Big baby toys like play mats, jumpers etc usually only last the child about six months. For this reason, consider first a pre-loved giant toy - that way you won't be investing too much money. If you find yourself a bargain, remind yourself, this is only a temporary phase of your life…and go for it! It won't be too long before the big toy thing will be over and you'll find yourself wishing you were back there - frustrated instead at those teeny-tiny legos that get accidentally stuck in vacuum cleaner and roll into unreachable places under the couch!

Have you welcomed a giant toy into your space? Did you find yourself loving the decision or regretting it? Share your experiences with other readers below!

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