Gift Wrapping Guide: Homemade Papers

Gift Wrapping Guide: Homemade Papers

Carolyn Purnell
Nov 20, 2013

Homemade paper is an easy way to make your gifts even more personal. Here are ten easy ideas that will not only make your gifts look stellar, but that will also give you an afternoon of DIY fun.

Top Row:
1. Printable Holiday Wrap from The Elli Blog: To get gifts as stylish as these, all you have to do is download, print, and wrap!
2. Marbled and Scented Paper from Chemistry: Using basic household products like food coloring and shaving cream, you can make this elegant wrapping paper in whatever color palette you choose.
3. Stitched Gift Wrap from Alisa Burke: Fabric, recycled paper, tags, ribbon–all of it's fair game for some added sewing machine flair.
4. Typographic Gift Wrap from Huffington Post: Basic craft paper and newsprint come together to make a clean, simple, and attractive package.
5. Wax Paper Gift Wrap from Kensington Blue: Brightly colored scrapbook paper topped with wax paper adds depth and interest to your packages.

Bottom Row:
1. Portrait Wrapping Paper from Martha Stewart & Something's Hiding in Here: Personally, I find these vintage portraits striking, but even if they aren't your favorite, this is a wonderful and infinitely adaptable idea. Simply make color copies of your favorite art and get to wrapping! If you have a large package, consider using engineering prints.
2. Pom-pom Gift Wrap from Homemade Ginger: Tacky glue and pom-poms add some fun and flair to basic craft paper.
3. Christmas Tree Cutout Paper from Sweet Little Peanut: Two layers of paper add some sparkle and dimensionality to these sweet packages.
4. Bubble-Painted Wrapping Paper from Think Crafts: Using watercolor paint and bubbles, you can have an afternoon of colorful, bubble-filled fun by making this paper.
5. Word Search Paper from Cool Things: This clever word search paper is available for purchase, but it would also make an easy DIY project.

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