Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: A Well Deserved Break

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: A Well Deserved Break

Nov 6, 2013

Name: Christine & Pierre
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Type of building: Ground floor apartment of a triplex, 1,100 square feet

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We weren't working on the renovation this week, because we were too busy having a baby! Our daughter was born right on her due date.

Obviously we had hoped to be 100% finished by the time the baby arrived, and when I did the planning I thought I'd left more than enough of a time buffer (hahaha). But I didn't account for how long it would take us to finish the last details, especially since they were mostly DIY, I was nine months pregnant and Pierre was in crunch time at work.

Luckily we have a completely functional kitchen, even if we're missing the last details. Even with the craziness of a new baby in the house, we are cooking! Nothing will make you appreciate a kitchen like not having one for four months.

In a way, this takes some of the pressure off — a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing, because we are giving ourselves some time off to spend with our little girl without stressing out over the reno. A bad thing, because it's so easy to lose steam at this point and never really finish.

We are hoping to spend some of Quebec's generous parental leave to finish the last details before Pierre goes back to work. But we're trying not to stress out too much. Our immediate goal is to spend some quality time with this new little creature in our lives. The reno can wait.

Estimated time for project: 22 weeks
Time remaining: 2 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Christine Zoltok)

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