Choosing the Right Size Sofa: Four Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Choosing the Right Size Sofa: Four Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Jennifer Hunter
Jun 17, 2013

I recently moved across the country and, let me tell you, squeezing my roomy Los Angeles sofa into my tiny New York City apartment was nothing short of a miracle. And while my sofa may not be perfectly sized, yours can be if you do your homework and ask yourself these four questions.  

1. Will it fit through my doorway? First things first!  All your other sofa decisions are moot if you can't get it inside.  Sofa-delivery-day should be a happy occasion, so measure twice so you only have to move it once!  Remember to check to see if any legs can be removed and factor that into your calculations. It may just buy you the extra inches you need to pull it off.

2. How will I use it? How many people in your home need to lounge on a regular basis? Do you want the sofa for occasional sitting or serious movie marathons?  Do you frequently host couch surfers who'll appreciate a wider bed? More than almost anything else in your home, a sofa's main purpose is comfort, so make sure to weigh it accordingly when making your choices. 

3. How much space do I have? This seems obvious, but it's not just about the    size of your room, but rather the amount of space you need to allot for the couch.  Is there other seating already in the room? Perhaps you don't need a behemoth sectional after all. Do you want to use end tables on either side? Factor those into the length measurements. Keep in mind that the style of sofa you choose will also affect its footprint — one with overstuffed or rolled arms may physically take up more room but provide the same amount of seating as one with a lower profile. 

4. Where will it go within my room? While it's true that, if you move a lot, you shouldn't buy a sofa specifically for your current place, it would be silly to buy one that doesn't work for where you are right now. Perhaps you're looking to float the sofa so it functions as a room divider. In that case, you'll need to move around it comfortably, so allow plenty of wiggle room. Maybe it will be anchored to a wall but will sit under a window. Check the height so you're not blocking the view.  What other furniture do you want to incorporate into your room?  If you love to rearrange the furniture every month, make sure you choose a couch that's as versatile as you are spontaneous. 

Tell me: what's your ideal sofa size?

(Image: Sam & Dominic's Sunny Phinney Ridge Home)

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