10 Ways to Give Thanks To Your Home

10 Ways to Give Thanks To Your Home

Carrie McBride
Nov 28, 2013
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Thanksgiving is about feeling and showing gratitude and we hope you are enjoying a symbolic feast with friends and family. When you count your blessings, do you think about your home and what it gives to you? If not, why not take a moment to do so and make plans to give something back to it. Here are ten tangible ideas for giving thanks to your home.

Bring fresh flowers, a plant or other greenery home.

This is an idea we espouse often and it's particularly important at this time of year when your windows are closed and the air in your home may be feeling stagnant. Bringing something alive, like flowers, into your home brings color, scent and freshness - a perfect way to honor and thank your home and perk you both up.

Fill your home with good scents.

Scent is often, pardon the pun, overlooked, but it can really impact how you feel in your home and influence a visitor's experience. Help your home make a good impression. What smells good to you? A well-chosen scented candle? Onions carmelizing on the stove? Evergreens on the mantle? Even giving more thought to the scent of your soaps and cleansers can add to your aromatic environment at home.

Deep clean one thing.

Show your home you'll take care of it, even if it's not fun. You don't have to tackle a whole room, but choose one thing that needs attention. Perhaps your medicine cabinet needs a clean out and wipe down? Why not see how much money (and crumbs and miscellany) is really hiding between and under your couch cushions? How about taking care of that spill you made between your stove and the wall that you can't see, but you and your home both know is there?

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Take pictures of your home!

Some of my most precious possessions are old photographs. Looking through them reminds me of people who are gone or not as present in my life anymore and triggers memories of places I've been and things I've done that I've nearly forgotten. One thing that's mostly missing from these photos, however, are pictures of places I've lived. Sometimes I'll spot something, a lamp, a painting or whatnot in the background of a photograph and it will open the door to a host of memories of that place. But I do wish I had more photos of just these places. My childhood bedroom, for instance, exists only in my memory. So spend a half hour taking pictures around your home. Gussy it up if you want a more formal portrait or just start snapping if you prefer cinema verite style. Show your home you won't forget it!

Make a real plan to tackle a badly-needed home project that you've been putting off.

You know which project I'm talking about. Yep, that one. The practical one. The not-fun one. The one that doesn't involve looking at pretty fabric swatches or cruising Pinterest for inspiration. Commit to it. Embrace it. You really will feel better after it's done.

Get experimental.

Relationships can grow stale. Show your home you're still "into it" by changing things up a bit, even if just temporarily. Try rearranging a few pieces of furniture, swap out a rug or some art. It can help you see your home with fresh eyes and new appreciation.

Share it and show it off.

Your home is your refuge, but it's also for sharing with loved ones. Show your house you're proud of it, imperfections and all, by welcoming others into it. It doesn't have to be a party (especially if you've just hosted a crew for the holiday), but plan a gathering no matter how small - invite a friend over for wine and "noshes", ask a neighbor to drop by for tea and cookies, host a brunch for all your friends who are too tired to go "out" anymore.

Appreciate the progress you've made together.

Do you look at your home and only see its flaws? Find your rose-colored glasses. Put them on. Does your home look better than when you first moved in? I'm guessing it does. You've fixed things, cleaned things, bought things you love. You may still feel like you have a ways to go, but give thanks for what you have done and feel good about it.

Show your home you have a future together.

Making a home is never "done". Working on your home shouldn't take over your life, but every home is evolving. Set aside a few minutes to dream about something you'd like to do for your home. Something that's a want, not a need. Start to formulate a plan to make this project happen - what are the next steps: saving money? research? scheduling out time to do it?

Make a date with your home.

We all live busy lives and are rushing around both in and out of our homes. "But you see me all the time!" you say to your home. Your home wants to spend some quality time with you. Make a date to really enjoy your home - that's what it's there for. Spend an afternoon cozied up with a new book in your favorite corner. Pop some popcorn for a family movie night on the couch. Close your eyes and put on a record and just listen for an hour. If all goes well, make a second date.

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