Wedding Celebration Ideas for an Engaged Introvert?

Wedding Celebration Ideas for an Engaged Introvert?

Tess Wilson
Jan 25, 2016

Q: My partner of 6 years and I are planning to get married this year, and he's very set on having a wedding. While I like the idea in theory of having our friends and family all together, the reality is I'm extremely introverted and struggle at gatherings. We're deeply casual, informal, and frugal, and aren't really big on traditional wedding stuff like walking down an aisle, bouquets, wedding cake, showers, bridesmaids/groomsmen, registries, etc... This certainly simplifies things a bit and keeps costs down, but unfortunately, I tend to get socially exhausted 30 minutes into wedding receptions or other large gatherings...

(And before people get too harsh about this—introversion is a spectrum, and much to my constant frustration, I fall at the far end of it. I've worked hard on it and actually have gotten much better over the years!).

I'm sucking it up for the sake of my partner, but we're having trouble coming up with something that fits our idea of fun that 40 guests would enjoy as well. I'd love to hear any ideas for an uber-casual, fun/unique, inexpensive wedding! And any advice from other extreme-introverts on planning and enjoying their own wedding? -Sent by Kimithy

Editor: This is an excellent question. I'm so happy to live in a time and place in which such a wide variety of weddings are an option—I've attended a super-casual wedding in a busy downtown park, ultra-traditional church weddings, a fun and funky Chinese restaurant wedding, and a camping potluck wedding, and they were all lovely. But it is definitely always a challenge to come up with the wedding that suits the two of you—each couple is still very much on their own. Introverts in the crowd, what would you suggest? And have any of you attended or hosted weddings that you think would suit Kimithy and their partner's particular set of preferences and limitations? Thank you—and congratulations, Kimithy!

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