State-by-State: America's Favorite Music, Candy, Sports, Desserts and More

State-by-State: America's Favorite Music, Candy, Sports, Desserts and More

Taryn Williford
Jan 16, 2016

Regional preferences are pivotal to your sense of place. Just try telling a midwesterner that most of the country calls it soda and not "pop." We take a lot of pride in where we live, and learning that, for instance, Texas overwhelmingly prefers to eat Whataburger hamburgers over any other... well, that gives you something personal to connect you to where you come from.

So I went out on a Google safari and brought back some infographic-style maps of the United States that break down our borders into preferences for candy, cars and everything in between. Check them out and get a kick (and maybe some homesickness) out of the things your state loves more than any other.

A note: Each of these maps are from different sources and if you click through, they break down their data collection methods and criteria for determining each state's favorite things. Many of them use the approach of discovering each state's disproportional favorite, which means that state doesn't like that thing the most, but way more than any other state.

The United Slang of America, Slate (above)

Notable mentions: Toad-strangler from Florida, as a way to describe a heavy rainstorm, and apparently Christmas is a flavor in New Mexico.

America's Most Popular Tastes, Foursquare

Notable mentions: This map is telling us what's the most disproportionately popular "taste" in each state. It's a very vague term. So I shouldn't be surprised to see Nevada's is "bottle service," but I truly am.

America's Favorite Halloween Candy, Influenster

Notable mentions: Arizona's fancy with their Toblerone, Pennsylvania isn't a Hershey's product, and West Virginians apparently give out Oreos on Halloween.

Music Fans' Most Distinctive Artist by State, The Echo Nest

Notable mentions: It's all pretty interesting, so I'll call out a few un-notable mentions: Jersey loves Bruce Springsteen and Texas loves George Strait. Let me show you my shocked face.

The Unofficial State Cars of America, Popular Mechanics

Notable mentions: Washington D.C.'s favorite car is a Jaguar, and their runners up were an Aston Martin and a Ferrari, all three of which have market shares in the district that are more than six times the national average.

The United Sports of America, Slate

Notable mentions: Ohio owns cornhole and Massachusetts is the biggest fan of the marathon. Oh, and Delaware loves pumpkin chucking. Is that even a sport?

Favorite Fast Food Burgers by State, Mental Floss

Notable mentions: It's based on a poll from Ranker. In-N-Out Burger owns the West coast, while everyone else seems to have a thing for Five Guys. Then there's Texas and their Whataburger in between.

The United States of Emoji, SwiftKey

Notable mentions: New York loves lady liberty, and I'm 100 percent positive that's Alabama's penchant for the elephant has everything to do with 'Bama's football mascot. Also, in Swiftkey's blog post, they mention Hawaii is #1 for everything you'd expect, including surfing, rainbows, waves, pineapples and the volcano.

The United Sweets of America, Slate

Notable mentions: Misourri's gooey butter cake sounds delicious (and is apparently a breakfast food?), and of course Colorado's sweet is pot candy.

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