Serious DIYs for People Who Really Really Love Their Cats

Serious DIYs for People Who Really Really Love Their Cats

Nancy Mitchell
Aug 13, 2017
(Image credit: Meilla Kotona)

There are a few different kinds of cat owners. There are the people who love their cats, the people who really love their cats, and the people who really really love their cats. If you have bought your cat one of those cat drinking fountains, you fall into the second group. If you have ever made one of these DIYs, you fall into the third.

But I'm not judging you — in fact, I am in awe of you. If I were to ever to be a cat, I would pray to the cat gods to be blessed with humans as thoughtful (and creative) as these.

Above: This elaborate DIY cat tree, from Meilla Kotona, may seem like a fairly involved project now. But just you wait.

Now we're talking. Barb, the blogger behind Our Fairfield Home & Garden, built an entire outdoor room for her kitties. This little enclosure, called a 'catio', is basically just a screened porch that's accessible from a window inside the house. It gives the cats an opportunity to observe (and smell!) the outdoors without any of the attendant risks.

(Image credit: Catwalk)

The folks at Catwalk built this incredible DIY cat staircase, which provides kitties a way to roan, survey their territory, and access the top of the cabinets. I know from experience that cats love to be on top of things, and they especially love to be on top of the cabinets. (Via Woonblog.)

(Image credit: Cuckoo 4 Design)
(Image credit: Cuckoo 4 Design)
(Image credit: Cuckoo 4 Design)

What do you get when you combine a catwalk with a catio? You get this. The folks at Cuckoo 4 Design built a catio-like enclosure outside one of their windows, and then connected it to a walkway that runs along the fence so their kitties can enjoy the out of doors.

(Image credit: Design Boom)

There may not be instructions accompanying this particular project, but we're sure that if you're sufficiently dedicated to your felines, you'll figure it out. This house in Tokyo, spotted on Design Boom, has little passageways for the cats built into the walls. We would be remiss to not tell you that if you try to cut a hole in the bottom of the wall in a typical American home, you will quickly run into the sole plate. So make sure you're cutting between studs when you create your teeny doorway, or otherwise your little project may get a whole lot bigger than you planned.

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