Angie & Seth's NYC Elopement, With a Katz's Deli Reception for Two

Angie & Seth's NYC Elopement, With a Katz's Deli Reception for Two

Taryn Williford
Jun 22, 2016
(Image credit: Sascha Reinking)

Bride & Groom: Angie & Seth
Wedding Date: February 25, 2016
Venue: The NoMad Hotel, Katz's Deli, and all over NYC
Number of guests: None! It was just the two of us.

I'm not really sure if this New York City elopement was the first wedding reception ever held at the famous Katz's Delicatessen, but it is certainly the best one. Angie and Seth are a charming couple who, after 16 years of dating, knew exactly what they wanted out of their wedding day: Simplicity.

(Image credit: Sascha Reinking)

The day kicked off with a ceremony right inside their suite at the NoMad hotel. Then, the couple and their photographer set out on a tour of the city, checking off all the usual sights – the subway, the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station – and capturing some beautiful and memorable photos. They ended the day at Katz's Deli for pickles and pastrami to round out the perfect NYC day.

Angie was sweet enough to share some of her favorite details of their whirlwind day with us here at Apartment Therapy. Scroll down to hear more about their elopement, then be sure to savor every last image shot by their talented photographer, Sascha Reinking.

(Image credit: Sascha Reinking)

How did you meet?
At work! Seth was the leader of the safety committee, which held a super boring monthly meeting. Boring, that is, until I realized that I liked him!

How would you describe your wedding style?

Favorite memory of the day:
My favorite memory was actually the anticipation in the morning. I walked from our hotel to pick up my bouquet, and was so happy to know that I had a fun, exciting day in NY planned, and by that evening, I’d be married to my favorite person in the whole world.

(Image credit: Sascha Reinking)

What was totally "you" about your wedding?
That it was a surprise to all of our friends and most of our family. We only told our moms and Seth’s daughters [in advance]. When we decided to get married, we'd been together for 16 years, engaged for 10, and decided to just do it with about 5 weeks notice. We chose NYC, hired [our photographer] Sascha, and it all came together pretty easily.

We sent announcements the day we arrived, so our friends all got them the day after we were married. It was fun to get all the texts with people holding their postcards and congratulating us.

Did you incorporate any personal touches?
My mom is a jewelry designer, and she took a pearl necklace that was my Grandmother’s, and added to it, and made me matching earrings. That made it feel like a part of her was there!

(Image credit: Sascha Reinking)

Biggest challenge:
The biggest challenge when you decide to elope is being confident that your plans are yours, and not being worried that you are hurting feelings. The day of the wedding, I remember thinking how right I was in my choice.

Proudest DIY:
We’re proud that we managed to get all the details together from afar, and it was pretty easy!

Most worthwhile splurge:
Having no guests really made it easy to do it exactly how we wanted! I guess the splurge was airline tickets across the country.

What we skipped or did without:
Guests! And a cake. But I ate a lot of bagels while we were there.

(Image credit: Sascha Reinking)

Favorite detail:
Our announcement was a drawing of the two of us that Seth’s daughter drew when we were first engaged (she was only 7 or 8). I work with a graphic designer, and I had him add in the city skyline to the kid art that he scanned. It was a fun way to include her!

Your best advice for anyone planning a wedding:
Make sure that you think of yourself first, not your family, friends, or social media network. I think so many people plan a wedding to “look” or “feel” a certain way, but in the end, it’s really about sharing your love. It’ll be more special to you and your guests if it’s done in a way that is meaningful and sincere, and feels like you!

Thanks, Angie and Seth!

(Image credit: Sascha Reinking)


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