Quick Things You Can Do Today to be Happier at Home

Quick Things You Can Do Today to be Happier at Home

Nancy Mitchell
Aug 18, 2016

In a perfect world everyone would be super happy with the place where they live, but depending on your current setup, well, that's not always possible. If you're living in a place that you're less than thrilled about, there are things you can do that will boost your happiness at home. And I don't mean big things, like remodeling the kitchen — although I'm sure that would help — but little things, easy things that will subtly shift your outlook and help you to see the best possible side of the place you call home.

Buy flowers.

Nothing brightens up a room faster than flowers. (There's a reason almost every photo shoot you see in a blog/magazine features fresh flowers.) Bonus: they always feel like a little bit of an indulgence, and you don't have to spend much money at all.

Clean one thing.

Do you have one thing in your apartment that you just really, really dread cleaning? For me it's the bathtub. I really hate scrubbing the tub — but on that day, once every few months, when I finally work up the energy to actually do it, I feel like I have a whole new apartment.

Host an impromptu gathering!

Nothing will make you appreciate your home more than filling it with people you love. Hosting an impromptu dinner party (it doesn't need to be fancy!) or game night is a great way to fill your space with good memories — and also prove to yourself that having people over doesn't need to involve weeks of preparation.

Have a date with yourself.

We tend to put a lot of energy into planning the time we spend with other people, but not so much on the time we spend by ourselves. Try taking a night off and planning a date night with yourself. Plan the food, the drinks, the movie, whatever you need to be perfectly happy at home, and get ready to spend a little quality time with your apartment, and with yourself.

Make it personal.

No matter how indifferent (or even hostile) you are to the place you call home, and no matter how temporary your residence there, it will be improved by adding a few personal touches. Hang up art you love. Tack a few photos of friends to the wall, or hang them on the refrigerator. Being surrounded by things you love and pictures of people you love will have you seeing your home in whole new light.

What small habits do you keep at home in order to stay happy?

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