Inspiring Messages from a Few of Our Cutest House Tour Pets

Inspiring Messages from a Few of Our Cutest House Tour Pets

Tara Bellucci
Nov 9, 2016

Anyone else having a rough day? I hope you're all feeling your feelings in whichever way helps you, being kind and supporting to the people around you who need it, and finding some solace and joy when you can. If a bit of sunshine in the form of adorable floofballs from our House Tours can add a bit of light to your day, well, that's something. These cuties are here to give you some hope, love, and virtual cuddles.

So you may be feeling a little stunned right now.

Like, what even just happened?

It's okay to want to hide.

We've all been there.

But, the sun will come out tomorrow.

It might be in your eyes, though.

After the hurricane comes the rainbow.

Colorful, colorful rainbows.

Hadley the goldendoodle reminds you to eat.

She wouldn't mind if you shared some of that people food, though.

Robby says to move and stretch.

Maybe toss a catnip toy. Just a suggestion.

Lazer is available for cuddles.

They're pretty great.

Bowie reminds you that there's an important job to do.

(It's belly rubs.)

Wifi the dog thinks you're just great.

You're definitely one of his favorites.

Sprocket wants to show you how to smile again.

You can do eeet.

Stella says you're a star.

Shine bright.

Don't let anyone take your power.

Still fight for what you believe in.

Because we're in this together.

(Image credit: Sarita Relis Photography)

So let's hop to it!

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