How to Stay Organized Just Like The Queen Martha Stewart

How to Stay Organized Just Like The Queen Martha Stewart

Brittney Morgan
Feb 10, 2018
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Does your home need an organizational overhaul? Whether your wardrobe needs a refresher or it's time to tackle your junk drawer, there's one person who can help—Martha Stewart, aka the queen of... everything (honestly, is there anything she can't do?). From little things like installing hidden hooks to major changes like adding overhead storage racks, here are eight ways Martha Stewart organizes her life that you can copy in your own home.

Create wardrobe kits for your closet

When you lose a button on your favorite blouse, do you know exactly where its replacement is to fix it? Martha Stewart does. She can also de-pill a sweater, lint roll her pants and shine her shoes at a moment's notice—because she keeps all the necessities she needs to keep her clothes and accessories in tip-top condition all on-hand and organized to a T. In this video on her website, Martha talks all about how she organizes her closet, and how she keeps different kits among her wardrobe. She has a shoe kit, a clothing repair kit, a button kit, and a little rack that holds her lint rollers, fabric depiller and static spray—a strategy easy enough for you to adopt in your own home.

Match your hangers to your clothes

If all you have hanging up in your closet are the same plastic clothes hangers, it's time to take a page from the book of Martha Stewart. Martha uses different types of hangers for different types of clothing—for example, she uses wooden hangers for most items, and padded hangers for silk and delicate blouses to prevent any marks (and she always takes her clothing off the wire hangers from the dry cleaner and returns them for re-use!) By using the right kinds of hangers for different garments, you can keep your closet organized and keep your clothes in pristine condition.

Clean out your closet at least twice a year

Think about it—when was the last time you cleaned out your closet and got rid of things you don't need anymore? Even if you're ultra-organized, stuff—especially clothes—can pile up. That's why Martha suggests going through your entire wardrobe at least twice a year, donating things that don't fit or go unused and getting rid of anything that's stained or otherwise ruined beyond repair. It'll help you stay on top of the clutter.

Hack your junk drawer with containers

The infamous junk drawer doesn't stand a chance when Martha Stewart's around. If your junk drawer is stuffed to the brim with random items and knickknacks, it's time to invest in some drawer dividers and small containers to keep everything separate and in its rightful place—that way your drawer is still full of everything you need, just in a way that you can get to it all without digging for it. In this video, Martha organizes a junk drawer so fast it's almost mesmerizing, but you can achieve this same level of organization yourself with a little patience.

Line all your drawers and shelves

Speaking of drawers, Martha has a great tip for keeping them (and your shelves) in great shape no matter what you put in them—line them with a sheet of stainless steel. This is especially important in the kitchen, as the lining will protect your drawers and shelves from cutlery and kitchen appliances and keep everything looking good. If stainless steel sheets aren't doable for you, you can line your drawers and shelves with other materials—the important thing is to protect them. In a Facebook Live video last year, Martha revealed that her kitchen—which looks totally brand new—is actually around 15 years old, and she attributes its condition to lining her shelves and drawers.

Put kitchen tools in crocks

If you have a little counter space to spare and not a lot of drawer and cabinet space (most small kitchens don't, so you're not alone) you can follow Martha's lead and put various tools like ladles and whisks that you use frequently in crocks. If you separate them by type and place them in neatly, it'll keep everything organized in your kitchen and still look beautiful. Plus, while you're cooking, they'll be extra easy to access.

Hang pots and pans artfully

Martha keeps her pots and pans beautifully organized by hanging them from an overhead steel rack on the ceiling—they're perfectly within reach but still out of the way, don't require any cabinet space to store them, and so long as your pots and pans are clean and well taken care of, it looks great, too. If you're not sure what to do with your pots and pans and don't rent (or you have the ability to install things like a ceiling rack in your rental) this could be a great alternative for your kitchen storage.

Use hooks and magnets to your advantage

Sometimes the smallest solutions can make the biggest difference, and nobody understand that better than Martha Stewart. Things like magnets and hidden hooks can be a godsend when you don't have a lot of storage space. In this video, Martha uses magnetic hooks on a metal work table for her home office, to keep small items and project information easily accessible but out of the way. Martha also talked about installing small swing hooks inside her cabinets to store items like dustpans and brooms out of sight in the January 2012 edition of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Both solutions can help you organize your own home without breaking the bank.

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