​How Color Psychology Can Make You Happier at Home

​How Color Psychology Can Make You Happier at Home

Katie Holdefehr
Nov 5, 2017

If you're often stressed in your living room or are having trouble falling asleep in your bedroom—good news, it may not be you. It may just be time to rethink the color painted on the walls.

We've discussed before how color can affect our emotional state, and while there are no set rules for which hue belongs in which room, the one you choose should match the tone you'd like to set. Is the kitchen your solo space to cook and meditate? Go with soft, soothing pastels. Is it your entertainment zone? Give it some life with bright berry red. Once you know the vibe you're going for, use our newly updated Color Search tool (you can now search by room!) to find inspiration in our huge archive of House Tours.


If you want to celebrate more: Introduce pops of unexpected color—here, in the form of friendly orange polka dots—to put your guests into party mode the second they walk in.
If you want an easygoing entrance: Use neutral grays and whites. In a foyer that leads into color-saturated spaces, the contrast will draw visitors into the next room.


If you want to unwind: A dusty rose boudoir is both relaxing and romantic.
If you want more drama: Search for bedrooms in dark gray and navy.

Living Room

If you want to keep the peace: Brush on a soothing and sophisticated navy blue.
If you want more whimsy: Opt for playful pink or orange paint.


If you want to add some spark: Vibrant red energizes a kitchen that's typically a hub of activity.
If you want more tranquility: Look for pale shades of blue or mint green.

Dining Room

If you want to smile more: Sweep the room in a sunny yellow.
If you want more elegance: Pick rich plums and pinks.


If you want to keep calm: Go for a subtle gray, which lends a soothing spa-like ambience to this powder room.
If you want more coziness: Browse bathrooms in rich, warm hues.


If you want to be inspired: Go for a bold green accent wall; studies show that looking at this color may spark creativity.
If you want more joy: Choose a yellow workspace.


If you want to be more imaginative: Paint with teal, which is said to inspire inventive thoughts and makes an eye-catching backdrop.
If you want more focus: Try a clean white workspace to cut down on distractions.

Are there any rooms in your home that could use a mood makeover?

Re-edited from a post originally published 5.9.16-AH

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