Focus Your Style: Create a Summer Capsule Wardrobe This Weekend

Focus Your Style: Create a Summer Capsule Wardrobe This Weekend

Janel Laban
Jun 3, 2016

For this final weekend of the Cure, I thought it would be super effective (and fun!) to spend some "quality time" working with your newly pared-down, cleaned out wardrobe by trying your hand at creating a starter capsule collection of go-to clothes for the summer season. Whether you decide to try and stick to the capsule concept throughout the summer or not, the process of trying to put one together should help you to see new possibilities in combining what you've already got, while making it clearer what you might need to add to round out and maximize your warm weather style.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

It's a focused collection of clothing that works well together to allow you to create multiple good looks from a limited number of pieces. As we've done in our previous posts on the topic, we're suggesting the following count as a starting point:

37 pieces consisting of about 15 tops, 9 bottoms, 2 dresses, 2 jackets/cardigans and 9 pairs of shoes. Accessories, workout clothes, swim suits are additonal and not included in the count.

You may want to adjust the individual counts of the different sections (ie "borrow" three of the tops to allow for five dresses), which is totally cool, but you should try and settle on and be firm on a total, overall count.

Rather than try and give you all the ins and outs here, I'm going to let Arlyn (our new Design Editor) do the heavy lifting through her brand new post on an example of her own ideal capsule for this summer. Check it out here:

And, for even more detail and info, we have a great series by our contributor from London, Eleanor. In the series, she covers tons of info about capsules in general, and her own most recent capsule in detail. They are great posts and can really help you get a feel for the process.

So, dig in and see what you come up with! After all the sorting that you've done recently, you are in an ideal spot to take on this challenge. You know your wardrobe inside and out right now and should like how everything you have to choose from looks and fits. As you pull the capsule together, you may want to take photos of the individual pieces and/or outfits if that works for you to help organize yourself but you should most definitely use this process to create a list of specific pieces that you need to add/replace to make more successful outfits from the clothes you do have and like even more wearable.

Please use the comments as a place for our cure community to help each other out with questions, support and results throughout the weekend. Let's pull together and see what we can come up with in terms of summer looks and share your process thoughts and challenges, some examples from your list of things needed and - of course - your capsule success stories, below.

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