Vital Decorating Advice from Our Cat-Owning Commenters

Vital Decorating Advice from Our Cat-Owning Commenters

Dabney Frake
Mar 21, 2016

We get comments in response to our posts all the time that follow the lines of, “I can’t do that in my house. Because cat(s)." As a total dog person, I admit I'm clueless, but there are a few things I've learned about living with furry felines over the years. This is all good decorating advice, straight from the mouths of smart readers.

Your Upholstered Furniture Is Pretty Much Screwed

"I've learned that it doesn't matter what the fabric, if it is attached to a sturdy piece of tall furniture, my cat will tear it to shreds with his crazy strength." — katinnl debating the Best Upholstery Fabric Options for Cat & Dog Owners.

Consider Replaceable Floor Tiles Instead of Carpet or Rugs

"We have 3 cats, and thankfully, hardwood floors. But after going through many rugs in the past that have been 'marked', we started buying Flor tiles instead of rugs. It's worked wonders for my sanity, just take out the piece that's funky and drop in a new tile." — Aprildeann commiserating on How I Saved My Carpet From Cat Urine.

Reconsider Curtains

I'd be a little more concerned that curtains could get pulled down. In those houses I'm sure it's fine but my 11 pound cat was able to pull a curtain down by sheer determination (no pun intended!) because our walls are old and he had started to pull out the screws from repeated tugging. One final jump up and BAM. — Pi. from DIY Curtains & Window Treatment Examples from Real Kids' Rooms.

(Image credit: Design Sponge)

Hang 3-D Wallpaper Up High

"This is the voice of experience warning you to only use textured wallpaper about three feet off the ground and up if you have cats. For some reason, they love to claw at this stuff." — "Nikki_______ in response to the post on Adding Character to Your Home with Textured Wallpaper.

Be Careful When Decorating with Plants

"My cats eat my plants, so I'm a bit limited to what is non poisonous. Prayer plant, spider plant, Christmas cactus, African violet. Anybody know of a BIG plant/tree for indoors that won't poison cats? I use river rock to keep them from digging in the plants." — Tree-thru-my-ceiling in the post The Most Important Decorating Tool You're Not Using.

(Image credit: The Merry Thought)

Suspended Tables Are A Feline Playground

"I like the first one especially, however I'd send it swinging every night — or my cat would. Cute but not practical." — SherryBinNH talking about Small Space Illusion: DIY Hanging Tables.
(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

Secure Free-Standing Fragile Stuff (& Taunt Your Cat in The Process)

"I use museum wax to keep my kitty from knocking stuff over. I live in an earthquake prone area so it's just generally a good idea. Annoying the cat is just a bonus!" — Tiamat_the_Red commenting on The (Not Very Satisfying) Reason Your Cat Keeps Knocking Stuff Off of Surfaces.

Cat owners, what else can you tell us?

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