Cure Catch Up Day: A Super Easy (But Important!) Assignment and a Chance to Get Back on Track

Cure Catch Up Day: A Super Easy (But Important!) Assignment and a Chance to Get Back on Track

Janel Laban
Jun 2, 2016

While there is an easy, new assignment to complete, today is also intended to be a well earned day away from all the sorting and decision-making - and a chance for anyone who is feeling behind to get caught up with the assignments. So, if you've gotten off track a bit, don't worry! I scheduled in this not-as-busy day purposely as an opportunity to let everyone get caught up and at the same point, so feel free to use today to deal with any sorting you still need to do. And then, on to today's task...

Today's Super Fast Assignment:

First, move all of your outgoing donation (and sale or consignment) bags/boxes physically away from your closet area. Put them in your trunk, entryway or any other place where they are completely removed from your wardrobe space. This may seem unimportant, but it is good to clear the decks before our next step, so make the move to a spot where they will no longer be "hanging over your head" or associated with your new decluttered closet and future wardrobe.

Then, deal with your "Maybe" bag/box. Here's how:

During Assignment #1, when your closet was a bit more crowded and your wardrobe a little less streamlined, I asked you to set up a series of boxes or bags. One of them was a "maybe" bag; for the items that you just weren't sure if you wanted to give up, but were equally unsure if they were worth keeping around. I told you to use it if needed, and not to worry because we'd deal with them later. Well, today is the day we're going to deal with those maybes. Let's dive in.

I knew it would be important to have a "maybe" option to help facilitate the sorting process; to make it comfortable and to reduce stress. Having an acceptable out when you aren't able to make a definitive decision really helps to keep things moving and allows you to feel more confident about the definite "yeses" and absolute "noes". In other words, you can be sure about the bigger decisions because of the existence of the "maybe" option.

So, now that you've done all your sorting (and, if you haven't, try and finish it up tonight, before going on to the "maybe" step below), it's time to move on from the maybe box.

Here's how I'd like you to do it: get out some tape and tape that maybe bag or maybe box shut. RIGHT NOW. Just fold the tops of the bags over or close the box lids and seal them up. Then, move them to another storage spot in your home. Fit them under the bed, in the basement, in a closet in your kids room - wherever you can tuck it away that isn't directly in your current closet/wardrobe area.

You can do take this step without worrying, because if you truly decide you still want something that is in your "maybe" box, you can go retrieve it, no harm done, totally ok. But my guess is that you'll be just fine without the things in that box or bag and this process will help prove it. But for now, don't worry or have any expectations or guilt. Just know that a few months down the road (maybe during our next Closet Cure?) you can deal with the items still left in it at that time by selling or donating or whatever feels right to you then.

Ok, DONE! Nice work.

Let us all know if you are feeling on track in the comments. See you tomorrow!

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