Of Sound Mind and Body: 6 Ways to Center Yourself When You're Feeling Totally Burned Out

Of Sound Mind and Body: 6 Ways to Center Yourself When You're Feeling Totally Burned Out

Miranda Raimon
Nov 27, 2016

Rushing, stress and long to-do lists can make the holiday season turn hectic in a snap. From buying gifts, and planning parties to staying on budget and keeping a social life, it's easy get burned out when you're trying to do it all. When it feels like you're working overtime around the clock, do you find yourself feeling stuck? We're rounded up a few tips you should definitely try during the festive season when you just can't even.

Prioritize your health

Nothing can slow your speed like a cold or flu. Our immune system is compromised when we're stressed; so where our bodies would normally fight off that office bug quickly, when we're already run down it's harder to recover. Eating well is one way to ward away the unwanted germs—pack dark, leafy greens into your diet, sip ginger tea, prepare warming protein-packed soups and stews.

Make a gratitude list

Feeling burned out often leads to a sense of overwhelm, helplessness, even depression. Don't let those feelings bog you down. Instead, create a gratitude list to remind yourself about what brings joy to your life. The process can be as simple and informal as waking up and silently listing what makes you smile. For those who are more visual, try to write down a few things you're grateful for and tack the list up somewhere you'll see it and can add to often.

Get in some face time

We all have that friend (or mom or co-worker or brother) that gives us the giggles. Step away from your to do's for a moment and visit (or call!) that acquaintance for a conversation that's good for the soul.

Give yourself a timeout

Whether it's attending a sweaty yoga session or devouring a mystery novel in the bath, take some time that's just for you. You'll be more productive when you return back to your important tasks if you take a break to reconnect, re-center and relax.

Sit down for a meal

Zipping from work to the mall and then to the grocery store feeling famished, you find yourself shoveling down some french fries from the fast food stand purely for the fuel. Sound familiar? Not anymore. From now on, choose at least one meal each day that requires a bit of a ritual—from preparing the food all way to enjoying the last bite, try to savor each part of the meal process (and that includes a bit of lounging).

Hit the hay

The last thing you want to do, when you have a million things to do, is sleep—but this is when our body recovers! Don't let your sleeping pattern turn funky. Aim for at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Make your room a sacred and peaceful space that feels calming—no dirty clothes, paperwork, or bright lights allowed. Going to bed and waking up around the same time every day creates consistency that the body craves, also preparing you for a super-charged day ahead.

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