The Messes You've Been Missing: 10 Hidden Places to Check for Dog Hair, Dirt and Stains

The Messes You've Been Missing: 10 Hidden Places to Check for Dog Hair, Dirt and Stains

Sarah Landrum
Nov 8, 2016

Dogs are messy, no doubt about it. In fact, when you're a dog owner, it feels like you're constantly cleaning—every day finding new, surprise places where dog dirt seems to accumulate. If you're a new dog owner—or you've just been blissfully unaware of some of the hidden areas that have been hoarding hair and filth—here's a list to get you started. Pay extra attention to these spots the next time you're cleaning.

The Windowsill

Your dog rests its paws on the windowsill to bark at a stranger or to look for you as you're coming home. Just as regularly touching a spot on a door will leave debris, you'll need to give the windowsills an extra scrub—especially the one that has a great view of you coming in and out.

All the Doors

The same idea is true for the door. If you have a doggy door, look around that area. If you usually greet your dog at the front or back door, scrub down the door from regular paw prints. Your dog is probably jumping on the door in anticipation.

The Wall Behind Food and Water Bowls

Your dog may spill food and water as the bowl gets knocked over or dragged around from excitement. Clean along the "route" the bowl goes, but give nearby walls an extra cleaning, too—just in case of splatter.

Around the Dog Bed

Dog hair loves to mate with dust bunnies. Clean the carpets and areas around and under the dog bed. And, actually, your bed too...

Under the Bed

Whether or not your dog sleeps with you in bed, underneath the bed has probably been a comfy spot to chill out at during scary thunderstorms and when missing you. Check around the bed frame and poles for dog hair that likes to stick around, even with vigilant vacuuming.

On and Around the Dining Room Chairs

Many people don't have a seat for the dog at the table, but somehow, your pup still finds a spot. Your dog may miss you and even sit in the place you normally occupy—when you're not looking, of course.

Sweep, vacuum and disinfect around the dining room chairs and under the table, too. Your vigilant dog will always continue the faithful quest for stray food, but it's still a good idea to keep the area as clean as possible.

Your Throw Pillows

Many dogs have their own personal t-shirt, blanket or pillow they've claimed in lieu of you when you're not at home. When your dog is missing you, though, the throw pillows may be the thing getting cuddles instead. Clean your snuggly throw pillows so they stay fresh and free of dog hair.

Under Couch Cushions

Couch cushions have a sneaky way of eating your keys, wallet and TV remote. They also live off of a steady diet of dog toys and dog hair. Vacuum the tops and sides of the cushions as well as under them to eliminate as much dog hair as possible. Spot clean when you see stains, too, so the cushions don't start to look dingy and sanitize regularly.

Around Your Desk

Your dog loves to be where you are, even snuggled up nearby while you work. If you work from home, sweeping and vacuuming around your desk and chair are especially important. Double check areas around the spot your dog frequents.

In the Car

If you take your dog in the car, then you likely have dirt and hair occupying the seats. A little dog hair never hurt anyone, but once it starts piling up to the point it looks like your passengers' clothing is made from dog hair, it's probably time to clean your car.

Give the cushions, floor mats and windows a close look and really get in the crevasses and and all along the seats with the vacuum – or try a rubber glove or balloon to pick up hair. When you're taking the dog to the park for a walk, to the vet or to see friends, every transport leaves behind a little mess. Be sure to check the back or the trunk of your car as well — transporting doggie essentials like food and water can leave behind debris also.

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