How Are Spiders Surviving in My Insect-Free Home?

How Are Spiders Surviving in My Insect-Free Home?

Tess Wilson
Apr 24, 2016

Q: For circa 6 months now I've been sharing an apartment with a handful of spiders. Arachnophobia is not my case, since I know they are harmless and don't spread diseases. What's bugging me is the fact that I don't ever see any other kind of insects that could be a source of food for said spiders in my place. Spiders definitely can't survive that long without food at all...

I seriously doubt that they can catch and eat every fly or mosquito that enters my home before I even notice that—it's just too stealthy or would require some spiderwebs, which they thankfully are not weaving here. The theory about little guys feasting at my neighbors and later coming to my place for a peaceful rest is also kinda silly. So the only plausible answer I'm ready to face is.. (dun-dun-DUN!) .. There's been a hidden colony of unknown pests in my home that whole time?! What could they possibly be? -Sent by Lena

Editor: Finally, another chance to talk about my spider bites! After living in an apartment for eight years, I suddenly started waking up with terrible bites on my calves. This was in mosquito-free San Francisco, so I was confused (and terrified that it was bedbugs) and everything online was like, "Spiders can't bite you when you're sleeping because their legs would be crushed by the blankets," but luckily my doctor was able to quickly diagnose them as spider bites. They were NOT FUN, so I'm very relieved that Lena doesn't seem to be suffering from the same fate. Anyway, Apartment Therapy arachnologists, what are all these spiders eating?

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